The Oum Candle

The Oum Candle


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Oum, ummi, ammi, mother, hoyo. This scent coalesces desert rose and sandalwood with tender notes of lily of the valley, cardamom, and dark musk. The term ‘oum’ in Arabic refers to my origin. She is me and I am of her. She is the gate to my eternal mercy. My everlasting paradise lies beneath her feet.
It is narrated by Asma bint Abu Bakr that during the treaty of Hudaibiyah, her mother, who was then pagan, came to visit her from Makkah. Asma informed the Messenger of Allah of her mother's arrival and also that she needed help. He responded with: “Be good to your mother.” (Bukhari, Muslim).

Be good to your mother.


  • 45-Hour Burn Time
  • Wood Wick
  • Coconut Soy Wax
  • Toxin-Free Fragrance Oils
  • Available In 10 oz
  • Please Remove Rose Petals Before Lighting To Prevent Candle Tunnelling And A Fire

Note: The first photograph features the cream 10 oz. candle vessel that you will receive. The subsequent photographs that feature the white 2.5oz vessels are a part of the gift box collection.

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